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Taking the right decisions for corrective actions when the operation in a production process deviate from normal operation, you will need correct and repeatable information, which can be used to decide corrective actions. The interpretation of oil samples and other monitoring parameters is mandatory to draw the right conclusion. Investigation of machinery starts with getting  to know the installation trough drawings, field inspection and comparison with similar machinery.

If the machine has been in operation for a while, causing breakdown of components, component investigation can be valuable information to interpret the root causes for the breakdown. 

Start with the drawing of the machine and the component list, and find the weakest component in the chain. Set threshold values for particle level in the lube oil system, operation temperature limits and vibration data.

Make a strategy where to sample information and perform field inspection getting enough information to set up a condition monitoring system. 

Some of the tools for field inspection can be:

  • Thermo camera

  • Videoscope for internal inspection

  • Photo camera

  • Surface microscope

  • Oil sampling system

  • Digital pressure/thermo instrument

When the machinery have been inspected, design a system to perform follow up of the machinery, based upon the importance of the production to be followed up and if the machine is a bottle neck or a safety issue in the operation.

A rule for follow up of machinery is that two independent monitoring systems together will give a much better probabillity for a correct answer to decide from than either one or the other monitoring system used separately. Sigur Technology has the right answer and knowledge to perform all necessary steps in setting up a follow up program for machinery, to perform interpetatioin of the monitoring results and to train people to understand and to gain the optimal use of the results.

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Lasernet C, particle imaging system
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