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Fluid sampling systems

The DynaSamp fluid sampling system have been installed in more than 1500 systems comprising, water, oil, fuel, process and chemical sampling and is capable of withstanding pressures up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 280 C.

The sampling system is standardized onboard ships, oil plattforms, process plants and in energy production.


The patented DynaView online particle imaging analysis system was developed in cooperation with Naval Research Laboratories in Washington, USA. Sigur Technology AS is a representative for Spectro Scientific in Boston, USA, producing the off line instrument based upon the same technology (Laser Net Fines) and other instruments  for oil condition monitoring from the same company.  An example of this is ”Mini Lab”, which is a complete laboratory for field installation elimination the need for sending samples for oil analysis.

Pipe cleaning systems


Soft plug cleaning system is based upon using soft plugs with a spiral groove, which will direct the flushing fluid towards the pipe wall. The pressure drop of the flushing fluid over the groove will force the soft plug to move towards the lowest pressure in the pipe system. This phenomena is used to move the plug trough tees, bends and diameter changes in the pipe system. The flushing fluid is very small compared with creating a turbulent flow to clean a large pipe, but is lead straight onto the pipe wall, and in combination with the sponge cleaning effect of the surface of the plug towards the wall, give a tremendous cleaning effect. A huge time and cost saver, giving a low cost for the cleaning process. Another advantage is that small pumps/motors and  low necessary effect will reduce weight and power consumption for the flushing rig beeing used. Small rigs and less time will reduce the manpower and will give a very competitive setup for cleaning large pipe systems to a very good cleanliness level. If inspection of the piping system is needed the last soft plug for cleaning is equipped with a small action camera and a light source which will give a very low cost inspection, reducing the need for videoscope inspection of the pipework.

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Fluid sampling and cleaning trolley
The sampling and cleaning trolly is used for condition monitoring together with filtration. The trolley is equipped with filters combining the monitoring and cleaning function. The trolley can be used as source for flushing as well as cleaning of gearboxes without circulation system for cleaning of hydraulic oil in reservoirs or for system filling. 
Alternative the trolley is equipped with an on line particle counter to give immediate feedback from the filling or system cleanliness.
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